Thursday, March 28, 2013

Workshop: The Student Centered iPad Classroom

Workshop by Sam Gliksman: April 9th, 2013, Sloan-C International Symposium, Las Vegas

This hands-on workshop will explore a variety of alternatives to traditional frontal lecturing techniques. We'll explore techniques that utilize technology to involve learners in more dynamic, student-centered learning processes. The iPad's built-in media and connectivity tools can be utilized to immerse students in learning that engages them in exploration, creativity, collaboration and more.
Some of the topics explored will include the following:

1. Using classroom quizzes and polling to collect and analyze data

We'll explore the use of impromptu and planned quizzes to quickly collect data that can be used to provide feedback about learning, spark discussions, gauge and visualize the collective classroom opinion on any topic, provide and map geographically related information and much more. 

2. From Gutenberg to Spielberg: Using multimedia for creative self expression

Text has traditionally been the primary medium for learning. Today, society presents and exchanges information using a wide mixture of media. We'll take a quick survey of some options on the iPad for creating media rich documents. eBooks, movies, animations and more.

3. Information workflows for the iPad classroom

The iPad doesn't have a login or connection to any network storage. How is information distributed and collected in the iPad classroom? Moreover, how do we create workflows that encourage classroom interaction and collaboration? We'll use tools such as the AppleTV and Evernote to create interactive workflows and exchanges in class.

4. Screencasting for deeper learning and understanding of concepts

Screencasting records images, sound and screen interactions and then turns them into videos that can be used for purposes such as tutorials, presentations, storytelling and more. We'll examine how they can be used by both teachers and students to enable a deeper understanding of concepts.

5. Managing your information overload

So much to read and so little time. We'll take a quick look at some simple tools that help you manage that ever-increasing amount of "Inbox" material.

Website for Workshop: 

Detailed information can be found on Sam Gliksman's workshop web page:


  • A fully charged iPad. 
  • An active iTunes account and Apple ID to purchase and download apps
  • Please ensure that there are no restrictions on installing apps
  • The following apps (at minimum):
    • Socrative Student and Socrative Teacher 
    • PhotoSync
    • Animate It
    • StoryRobe
    • Explain Everything
    • Evernote
    • Pocket
  • Please open an account at the following websites and bring your login and password with you:
    • Evernote:
    • Pocket:

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